Easy way to drill

How can I make a hole in the size of a round stick, I don’t want to make a group is there a shortcut

Draw a circle and push it through.


I make a circle and pull it upwards, the hole opens, but the bottom base is gray and I can’t draw the shape I want.

Your second image appears to be unrelated to your original image.

Have you spent any time learning the basics?
I would suggest you go to the Campus and do some learning, it will help you progress more effectively. https://learn.sketchup.com/


I don’t understand how you made a hole in this part

When you use pushpull if you stop at the other face it will cut a hole. Note how I infer to the edge in this gif.
GIF 12-03-2022 4-41-21 PM

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So how do I make a hole with another layer in it?

there is one more layer inside and the hole is not drilled

No holes in the 2nd layer

That is something different, you have to extend the hole through, then use intersect faces with selection to make the parts cut each other, then remove the excess.


This video is part of the SketchUp Square one series. Very usefull for learning SketchUp in addition to the Campus as @Box told you.

Edit: P.S. there is no easy way out when learning a new program. You’ll have to invest some time and effort…

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