Making a through hole


I have this piece I am trying to make a hole through.
It was not drawn as a single piece - I put 2 pieces together. - which created other issues but that is another topic. I did that by deconstructing another part and using the front and back pieces. The front piece has holes in it, the back piece does not. I also created one by using a back piece and a new front piece without holes. I could not make the hole thru the center. I can make a hole thru the portion without the back extension. I get a water texture when I create a hole on the front over the back part,

The circle u see is from the hole on the other side. If I select the surface in the circle it selects the whole back side b/c the circle isn’t part of the back plane.
I can create a circle on it and delete that surface but how to I do that accurately enough not to create other issues.

I have tried everything I can think of to get that thru but…
How does one create a hole thru a part like this???

extra point question
when i put 2 pieces together I have an issue of lines having more than 2 surfaces and I must delete the interfacing surface before joining - which is hard to do on the larger piece. Seems like there would be something that automatically did that.



Hey Bill,

You need to give permission to view your Google Drive file. If you do that, I’m sure that someone will respond to your post.


sorry, I have lost it all on this sketchup.
i tested the link i posted but i guess because it was me it worked.
forgot to do the sharing thing. hope this one works



You know, you can post a picture directly on the forum. Just drag and drop either the image file from your hard disk or the image itself from a web page right onto the editing screen. The forum will place your picture at the insertion point.

When a shape like a circle does not cut a face it appears to be sitting on, generally, either the shape is not sitting all the way on the face (but is an eyelash away from it) or the plane of the shape is not parallel to the face. In some cases, you can force the shape to cut the face by selecting both and then right-click > Intersect Faces with Selected.

Without seeing the model, it’s impossible to be more specific.



From your image [albeit max-rubbish !!!] it looks like your ‘circle’ is not in the same context as the face onto which you have placed it !
So it will never intersect/interact with the geometry [faces/edges] in the face’s context !
Learn how to use ‘edit’ on groups/components and add geometry or / interact-with-it… before attempting interactions :wink:


hey tig, is that statement suppose to describe your answer?
ur attitude is showing…
since I never claimed to be an expert, I don’t think that is appropriate.
it isn’t even appropriate for an answer on this forum.


Based on a image, most often people can only guess. If you post your model here, they will give you a definite answer.


thx for the heads up on pic posting.
I think I knew the problem - as you described - I just have no clue as to how to make it work. I tried intersecting faces with selected and it didn’t want to do anything with that. NOW I have lost what the real issue was…I think I had a part that someone else built and it was not solid. I then tried taking it apart and use pieces of it on another part. I ran into an issue with re-mating parts and then thought I had another problem. When I just tried to recreate it, the other issue is no longer there. I still can’t figure out how to re-mate the parts but I also can’t completely describe it, so I guess it is time to move on to my other issues.
thx for your replies.