Face covers up hole

Can anyone explain this behavior? Sometimes when I’m building, Sketchup will cover up holes on a surface instead of just recognizing them as holes. If I try to click on a circle, Sketchup will select the entire face instead of just the circle. It’s like Sketchup does not see that the circle and the face are on the same plane. Is there an easy / fast way to fix this? Thanks for your help.

Size of the Box is 100" x 100" x 50"
Holes are arbitrary size

QuestionFile.skp (1.2 MB)

It’s easier to see what’s happening if your Style shows profiles thicker than other edges.

Select the whole of the box’s geometry [making sure the ‘circles’ are in the selection].
Right-click > Context-menu > Intersect > with selection…
The circles’ edges should now recut the top face, and they should now appear thinner.
Select the unwanted circular top faces and press ‘delete’ to remove them.

It should now be back as it was before…

Thanks for the suggestion. Tried it. Doesn’t work. File is attached to original post. Try it yourself. Did I do something wrong?

It’s pretty normal behavior unfortunately, but it’s usually easily fixed.
You can just draw along one segment of the curve to break the face, or select all and intersect faces or use one of my favourite plugins, Fixit101.

You must have done something wrong.
If I open you file, repeat your edge erase, redraw that edge to remake the faces over the circles…
then select all and Intersect… as I outlined, then the circles are properly cut and can be selected and deleted…

Box’s other method of over-drawing an edge etc to force the cutting is also a good alternative fix…

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