Explanation appreciated for what is seen in this video

Hi all.

I’m improving all the time with SketchUp, but whenever something happens that I can’t explain, I like to find out not just the solution, but also the reason why something is happening.

In the video attached, you can see there is a circle on a face. I normally expect to be able to click in the centre of the circle, and only the centre face highlight so that I can delete it. In this instance, the circle seems disconnected from the face, and the entire face highlights. To resolve this, I have to select the circle, cut it and then paste in place, which then allows me to delete the face inside the circle only.

I’d be very grateful if someone can explain this behaviour to me so that I understand what is happening.

Thanks in advance.


Example.skp (902.6 KB)

Sketchup has some issues with cutting faces in some situations. In this case it is mostly caused by your model being so small. Scale up and it is less likely to happen. Or simply trace one segment of the circle for it to cut the face, or use a weld plugin etc etc

Thanks Box, a ‘glitch in the Matrix’. Paul