Why isn't this circle 'on' the face of a box?



I really don’t understand why this keeps happening. I’ll create a box, and then I’ll put a circle on it, and extrude the circle upwards. But in the process of making the object entirely solid, I find out that theres an internal face that is still there. So I go to remove it, and nope, the line of the circle isn’t actually part of the face apparently because I can’t select the interior face - it just selects the entire face of the box instead.

Link to imgur showing what I mean: https://imgur.com/a/DpSrxn2

Why in the world does this happen? I can’t find any way to fix it… I always have to redraw the thing.

I’ve even moved to large scale objects (I used to be in mm but now I work in meters, and then scale down after for 3d printing)… but it still hasn’t fixed bugs like this.



Sounds like your box may be grouped and the circle is placed on top of it. You would need to open the group and add the circle ( or copy and paste in place) then when you push/pull it should extrude without any internal face.


@whiterabbitdesigncompany That was my initial thought as well, but it’s not the case…

@mihai.s Yep, this is exactly what I did… most of the time it’s fine and works like that, but sometimes it seems to bug out.


If for some reason the circle hasn’t intersected with the face (which is why there is a bold outline) try tracing/drawing a line between two points on the circle so the unbolds and is then part of the face?

Otherwise not sure what is happening, unless that face/ or circle is not co-planar, might be off a tiny amount?


If you can share a sample skp file where this has happened, one of us can probably tell you what is wrong.


your hitting ⌘ before the PushPull and creating a copy…



@john_drivenupthewall Definitely could have happened. But even if I had, I don’t understand why the circle itself is in bold (and therefore not on the face)… shouldn’t it still be separating the face?


It sounds like this is a common thing for you. How about uploading a SketchUp file that shows it so we can see it first hand? We can put an end to the guessing and get you a solution to the problem.