Face disappears using push / pull tool

Why does my face disappear when I push this circle? How can I avoid it? Thanks!!


What is the size of the thing, in particular the circle’s segments lengths?
Also, can you share the model here on the forum? That might help us … and you.


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Image shows the dimensions. I uploaded my model too. It is a small part I suppose. But I increased the size 10X and get the same behavior. It’s probably a setting I’m not familiar with. Thanks for any help/advice.

PushPullProblem.skp (1.2 MB)

The circle segments are too small

Thanks John. your suggestion does work in my model. Just which I know why the other way doesn’t work.

No, it’s not a setting and I don’t think it has to do with size. I can get the same effect with decently large objects. I think that push/pulling the ring-shaped face through when there is already a center hole is confusing SketchUp. This does not seem like intended or correct behavior.


@davidchick29, this suggests that you didn’t need the extra circular ring on the inside.
But if you do, copying the circular face (instead of using Push/Pull) would give you the same result.
You could however copy just the larger circle (without the ring face) to the other side. To have that ring face on both sides.

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