Can't pull face

I can push this face, but I can’t pull it for some reason. Yes, I am editing the component.

It’s running into something. Probably that thing that ought to be a cylinder on the end.

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’ve got going on.

What is it that you really want to end up with? The triangulation on the smaller cylinder is evidence that something has gotten distorted.

I am guessing that the smaller truncated cylindrical part has a curved face that is not regular because of all its triangulation. There might be some edges that protrude in the way of the face to be pulled and that are blocking the operation. Try pressing the modifier key (Option for Mac or Alt for PC) to leave the original face in place and allow a forced pulling action to be possible. If this works, it means that you have the problem I described.

Posting your file would help a lot.

Yeah, so I imported a model, and for some reason sketchup added a million useless little triangles. I deleted some of them… also here’s a file.
b 1.skp (241.1 KB)

Erase all those unneeded diagonals and you should be able to pull that face out. That said, this is a pretty simple model, Might be easier to model it from scratch than manually cleaning it up.

In my Pro version, ThomThom’s CleanUp extension fixed it. Unfortunately the Web version doesn’t support extensions.
b 1.skp (111.6 KB)

I used CleanUp to do it, too.