Can't push/pull

I just spent hours creating an image (first time user) now when I want to make it 3D with the push/pull feature and it will not work. However, the cut outs on the interior of the image can be manipulated. I need to reverse these, possible?


If you share your model, someone can give you a usefull answer.
Now it’s just guesswork. You can drag your .skp into the answerbox.

Push/pull works on a face, which must be bounded by edges on a single plane. If you delete a face, you can’t push or pull it. If you fail to close its edges it won’t make a face to push or pull.

Diver1.skp (303.1 KB)

Hope this works, appreciate the help!

Your model has various push-pulled bits… deleting those and reverting to the flat 2d outline… I see three short lengths of line breaking the loops which then can’t support a face… Erase those and all is OK again…

TIG, for a newbie, I suspect the non-specific references combined with the jargon isn’t that useful. Perhaps combined with a screen recording it would be.

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Diver1.skp (305.6 KB)
I found several lines that I corrected. Can’t see anything else. Still can’t pull

Here it is.

All I had to do was draw a rectangle, select all your lines and move them onto the plane created.

Diver1-3.skp (361.6 KB)

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Awesome! Thank you! I think I know what you did! LOL I am going to try to add 3D text, wish me luck!

I am printing one now and can see that the quality is not quite as good as the original.

Here is the original stl. file. Is there a way to clean this one up so I can add text.?

Thanks again!

diveroriginal.skp (992.3 KB)

Edit. One little thing fixed (The previous was not solid)
diveroriginal_clean2.skp (123.8 KB)

Thank you so much! Now if I can get my printer to work! :thinking:

Hey guys,

Thanks again for all your help! Success!! These are for a friend of mine who scuba dives for fishing lures in Wisc. He will be speaking to some grade school kids about diving and wants to hand these out as gift.

I just down loaded this app today so as you can tell, I have a lot to learn. But, I do try to figure stuff out, go to “help”, or try to google things before I ask, but sometimes patience is not my friend!

Could I basically do what I did here for this image on the free web version? Not sure how much I’ll use it yet, Also, can you set up text on curved surfaces as well?

Yes. You could do this sort of thing with the free web version. As long as you are not doing it for any sort of renumeration you’d be fine.

There isn’t a native way to do that although it could be done manually. There are some extensions for the desktop version that can make it much easier but the web versions don’t have any facility to use extensions at least currently.

Thanks Dave!

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Diver3text.skp (429.9 KB)
Ok, guess I got as little cocky and thought I would add some cut aways to the image. they look like they are going all the way through but when I print it, they are solid and like if they are not even there.

The outline of the top ring is there, but the center is solid

Most of the faces are reversed as evidenced by the blue color. Face orientation is important because it tells the printer which side gets the print media and which side is air. there are also missing faces on the bottom and side.

Try this one.
Diver3text.skp (194.7 KB)