Only pull works on my model. Push Doesn't

I probably did something wrong because only pull works.

See gif.
Any idea?

It’s not entirely clear from your GIF.
Is the circle drawn in the same context as the face you hope to ‘push’ a hole into ?
Is the circle drawn onto the plane of that face ?
It looks like it might be ‘axial’ and the face might be slightly leaning over.
Or was the circle’s center snapped to the guideline just in front of the face.
The circle’s circumference does not look like it is merging with the face geometry, since it shows as a thicker profile.

With a circular face drawn in the face’s context, lying on the face’s plane, then the circle should automatically cut the face - then the PushPull will interact as you hope…

I assume that drawing new ‘flat’ geometry of say a rectangle with a circle over it will PushPull as hoped ??

I think @TIG is right and you snapped to the construction line which isn’t in the face position…

Your theory sounds right, i’ll check if the circle is on the face. Is there a preciser way to do that than zooming in?

Try installing the Query Tool … makes investigation easier.

Just checked and the circle is on the surface and not on the guides. It’s very strange.

If it’s on the face why does it not ‘cut’ it and merge ?
Is it planar or did you constrain it axially [red+shift] rather than let it assume the face’s planarity [black] ?
Can you post the SKP ?
You can drag/drop files directly into your post - rather than the way your added your GIF reference…

the gifs are apparently to big to upload here that’s why I hotline to imgur.

The skp file:

moto_tag_plate.skp (1.1 MB)

You can draw a circle two ways - on the face of a component where it doesn’t ‘intersect’ [left], and inside the component so it merges with the face it’s on.

The first one is outside of the Compo, and it extrudes with PushPull ignoring the Compo’s geometry.
The second case inside the Compo extrudes differently - but because the two faces of the object are not parallel it can’t punch a hole - see how the short cylinder is NOT protruding equally.
If the front and back face were parallel it would punch a hole when stopped on the second face.
All in not lost - you can select the second case’s protruding cylinder and use Intersect - it will then form cut-lines on the second face.
You then need to delete the unwanted parts manually - leaving the punched hole…

Ok thank you!
Just another question, how do you draw a circle inside the component? Or do I need to explode the component first?

Concerning the faces, I don’t know what went wrong, normally they should have been parallel.

There is no need to Explode anything…

Select the Component [or Group].
Now use the context-menu > Edit…
OR double-click on it and it opens for Editing…
Now you are inside the Component [or Group] context, so anything you now draw is inside it, and so it will interact will the context’s geometry…
When you are done exit the Edit by picking outside of the bounds of the current context, OR use the context-menu to close the Edit-session…
This is basic SketchUp component/group use - read up / view the videos…

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