Push Pull tool only works with simple shapes

Draw a four sided box with the line tool and try it yourself with odd lengths. Then use the push tool. It doesn’t respond. It doesn’t turn the nice blue color to show it’s selected.
Trying the 6 sided shape with odd ends. Drew it to plans and guess what. I’m on different snap to axes looks like chaos. Answers?

How about uploading an example SKP file which shows this. I’ve never seen a case in which the Push/Pull tool failed to do what it was designed to do.

The Push/Pull tool either works on a pre-selected face or on a face you hover over with the cursor, depending on how it was set up. It has to be a single face in the context you are working in. It doesn’t (shouldn’t) fail.

Have you tried it? And no my graphics card is not the fault. I can’t upload skp as they only save on the cloud.

I can’t follow your vague description of what you are drawing. I’ve tried following it but when I finish I have a single face and Push/Pull works just fine on it.

Who said anything about your grpahics card?

You can download the SKP file to your computer and upload it here. Or you can upload it to the 3D Warehouse and share the link.

44 draw that and push it up.

do%20the%20math%20first then when I do more precise to scale can’t work.

hmmm I see no faces in your image…

Is your remark helpful at all?

you can only push pull faces. Only edges on the same plane will form a face. Edges must closed to form a face. You cannot push/pull edges.

As @mics_54 said, Push/Pull works on faces. There are no faces in your screen shots so there’s nothing for Push/Pull to do.

I drew a shape similar to the one you showed in your first screen shot only I drew it so all four edges are coplanar and there’s a face. Push/Pull works fine on that.

Read this: Pushing and Pulling Shapes into 3D | SketchUp Help

Four lines joined should make a face.

do you see a face?

Yes. IF they all lie on the same plane as mine do in my example. If they aren’t coplanar, you won’t get a face.

Draw a line between two opposite corners. Do faces form?

You need pro to save skp to computer or upload.

No you don’t. Where did you get that idea? You can download your SKP file to your computer from SketchUp Free by clicking Download and then .SKP file.


Hello @carmen and welcome to the forum.

The previous responders are giving you factual information. In order for the push pull tool to work, a face must be formed. If you use the line tool to draw a polygon, all edges must be coplanar (all being in the same plane or horizontal/vertical datum) in order to form a face.

It is usually best to attach the skp file with your inquiry to offer as much information as possible to those offering help.

I see that remark as a statement of fact. Try to understand the point of view of the folks who want to help you. They can only work with the material you provide. IMO the statement was merely a prompt to have you upload a finished example.

I think I know what you are trying to do but Im not sure. You can copy and move your groups of lines…close the ends and form faces. Then you can select various edges and move them to change the sizes. Ignore the part where it looks like I selected “make group”…I didn’t.

It’s not in my downloads folder searched in numerous ways.

or another way you can do it is to close the ends and form faces then push pull