Push pull tool stopped working

Suddenly in the middle of drawing a project the Push pull tool wont work. I was using it one minute, then, nothing. . . . strange. Any clues anybody please’

Can you share the model so we can see what you’re trying to use Push/Pull on? The typical situation when users make this kind of statement is that they 've made a group or component of the geometry and don’t have it open for editing when trying to use Push/Pull. Or they are trying to use the tool where no face exists or they are trying to use it on a surfaces that is divided into more than one face.

Hi Dave. Thanks for reply. I know what you mean about components etc but as I am not good at that I havent knowingly made groups or components. Just been trying again and I think maybe some of my rectangles were not properly closed. I attach the model. Thanks (I am getting “error” while trying to attach model, so dont know how it will arrive). Nope - no way can I attach it. Sorry

How were you trying to attach your model? You should use the upload button on the message editor

There is a file size limit on this forum, but otherwise it ought to work.

Hey, I just ran into the same problem. Only on my model some places it will work, but other places it will work. What really gets me is the line that comes up saying, “Push/pull cannot be used on a straight or curved line”.

If there was a way for me to group them together and the push/pull them I would; but c’mon push/pull is one of the most basic operations there is, period.

I cannot send a pic. because the model is way too big.

Push/pull can only be used on a face (single face, not a smoothened curved surface)


It actually says Curved or Smoothed surfaces.
If you turn on hidden geometry you will see why, there will be lines subdividing the face you want to P/P

I turned on “Hidden geometry” and their are "lines with breaks’ there. Do I need to erase them?

Ah, those are lines that I have hidden.

If you can delete these ‘hidden’ OR ‘smoothed’ edges… AND the faces which they supported do not vanish, then of course you can erase them.
However, if any of these faces disappear, then you cannot realistically use the native PushPull on those faces.
PushPulling them individually will result in separate forms with [perhaps tiny] gaps between each as the extrude height increases.

BUT, there are tools to do it - look at Fredo’s JointPushPull which allow you to extrude a surface, as if it were a single face:

Note that the supporting Lib MUST be installed beforehand:

I must do that, as many of the lines are simply erased, but there is one section of curved wall where if I tried to erase the lines, I erase the surface. I have the Fredo6, because I do have a couple of minor plugins, but this one I’ll have to check out and get.

Of course, knowing myself, I’ll have to probably get an explanation of how to use it (no, seriously, I had a stroke that affected the left side of my brain, so sometimes you have to hit the right neurons to connect, especially since SketchUp is still a computer program; a cool one, but a computer program).

Um…No, I won’t need to get an explanation of how to use it, because there is one right there…however, I do need to get an explanation of how to get those frellin .rbz files from my computer download into my SketchUp program. I’ve got one SketchUcationTools(1).rbz that should supposedly help me download every other program from that site, and then I’ve got the JointPushPull_v3.3b.rbz program.

How do I get those files unzipped and into my SketchUp program. Yes, this is a left brain issue. Sorry about that.

OK, for now forget the SketchUcationTools RBZ
I’ll come to that at the end…

As well as the JointPushPull RBZ you also need to download the LIB file I linked earlier…

First install the LIB.
Open SketchUp.
Window[PC] OR SketcUp [MAC] > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension button…
Click and find the LIB’s RBZ file.
Answer in the affirmative to any prompts.
The LIB is installed for you.

Next the JointPushPull tool.
Repeat as before: Window[PC] OR SketcUp [MAC] > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension button…
Click and find the JointPushPull’s RBZ file.
Answer in the affirmative to any prompts.
The tool is installed for you.
In the case of Fredo’s tools you probably need to restart SketchUp to complete everything.

Now to sort out the SketchUcation-Tools…
I assume you downloaded v2.6.1 RBZ from the SketchUcation website…
Repeat the installation process as above…
Window[PC] OR SketcUp [MAC] > Preferences > Extensions > Install Extension button…
Click and find the SketchUcation-Tools’ RBZ file.
Answer in the affirmative to any prompts.
The toolset is installed for you.

You should now have a new Toolbar with three icons, and a new submenu entry in Extensions [called Plugins before v2015] - explore the SketchUcation submenu when you have more time - AND experience…
The main button you want is the first [red] one.
This opens the PluginStore dialog.
You need to do a once only login using your SketchUcation member-name and password.
Now the dialog presents you with a similar list of Plugins, as the equivalent web-page.
BUT the difference is that the red ‘Download’ button is replaced by an ‘AutoInstall’ button…
This automatically downloads the RBZ and installs it for you in one step…
So no need to mess on with downloading the RBZ and using the Install options…
The dialog offers many more options like Auto-Updates and Bundles used across SketchUp versions or Computers, BUT worry about those after you have gained confidence in using the basic tool, and have a few Plugins installed successfully…

Good luck :wink:

Thank you for taking the time to explain that. I had done it before when I installed SketchUp 2013, but I had completely forgotten (that’s the damage to my brain) how I did it. But, because you laid out clear steps, I was able to quickly recall how to do it again. Hopefully, I won’t forget this time. Hey, you want to hear something fascinating? You read with the right side of your brain, but if you are reading scriptures, you recall the location of a particular verse with the left side of your brain. Which is really, really funny. Did I mention I had a stroke? It’s no big deal: I make it so it’s no big deal!

But thank you very much! I now have Fredo6’s PushPull tools, and so I’ll have to go and learn how to use them, though it looks quite easy from the directions.