Since an update the PushPull tool does not seem to be working - any ideas?

I am trying to use the Push Pull Tool and it is not high lighting any location. On an older draft it seems to be working fine, but when I create a newt draft it does not work.

Without seeing what you are doing or the model we can only guess.

I think I may have figured it out. Just not working like it used to. I have to Color it or just play around with it for it to recognize the surface of the box not just the edges. I tried doing a video but it was to large.

With the previous update the painting of the tool messed up a as well. When I first start I have to indicate an edge to paint then the in side surface, then it works fine after that. Just little glitches

I’m sorry but that makes no sense, so something must be wrong somehow.


See if this works

Looks like you are using a wireframe style, which shows no faces.

Once I get it to recognize it once, it is fine after that on all drawings. same with painting.

Wire Frame?

Go to the View menu and Face Style and click Shaded with Textures.

That is what is clicked

Your vid is showing a wireframe.

Ok when I start a new one it is wire then once it recognizes a surface it switches

Attach your model.

I changed my Template to Shaded with Texture and it works. Thank you for the help. I still have a lot to learn with Sketchup. I only use a small bit of its capabilities.

Notice the screen grab of the style I posted shows the double arrows, this means the style has been edited but not saved. You can see it says it should be blue sky and green but it’s not, so you have altered it at some stage but not clicked the Update button to save it.

So, start with a template you like the overall look of, then adjust the various settings to suite you, the specific units to use, the background, profiles on or off, scale figure or no scale figure, 1m cube instead and so on until everything is the way you want it.
Then use Save as Template and set it to open as your default.

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I see what you are talking about, I updated that style and update my template

I do have a Template that I use and as I learn New settings I update it. This is another new setting that I set and updated, Thank you for your help, it will make my work easier.