Issue when using push/pull

I was just playing around with this box and decided to do a few different things when I ran into this scenario. It just shows me that I am not as fluent as I would like to be when using sketchup.

I have a box with two different sized circles, I am pushing a rectangle from the sides but if you look at the sides you will see that piece of the circle is still there. What am I missing when I pushed the sides down to 27mm? I didn’t expect to see part of the circle through the model.

When I made the two circles everything was fine, when I pushed the rectangles from the sides thats when I see the problem.

How can I get rid of the circle piece in red thats displayed from the side of the model?

holes.skp (1.3 MB)

Appreciate you folks for the abundance of help and hope you all had a good holiday.


Hi Justin, in short I think you need to intersect the faces and then delete the unwanted parts. There are other ways to achieve this using Solid Tools too.

Before that though, the circle on the base has issues and is causing problems with the intersection. I don’t know how it were drawn but after trying to clean it up and failing, I decided it would be simpler to delete it and the redo the Push Pull of the center hole. Then perform the intersection and delete the unwanted.

Videos are always better so I did one for you showing what I did, I hope it’s close to what you were looking for…

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Thanks a lot Ian. When I made the circles on the top at first I was a bit lost, then I had to make the larger circle first, then the smaller one in order to get the push/pull working.

As usual thanks again for your help. I love the videos, I am collecting them as snippets to get straight to the point.

I’m glad I’ve been of use, while I’m still awake here’s one using Subtract Tool. It’s a part of “Eneroth Solid Tools” available from the Extension Warehouse. All three components must be starting solids for it to work. Select the tool then the keeper, then the parts to cut from it. A large benefit of this Extension is that it retains the component Definition unlike the native Solid Tools which turn the Component into a group, which is a bit of a pain.

If you get “output is not a solid” error, then Undo and use the Dave Method working on a scaled up copy. That usually gets it done. I go the Intersect way mostly but it’s useful to know different ways to do things I suppose.

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Yes!! Always more than one way to do something, the more you know the better for you.

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“Jack of all trades, master of none” is a term often used in my part of the world.

On your original question, Push/Pull doesn’t work quite like you thought it would by the sound of it. It only creates edges and faces from the surface being Push/Pulled, no intersections are created with other geometry the face passes through and nothing is removed. (Apart from opposite outside faces).

I think it would be interesting to combine Push/Pull into a kind of “power cutter” that creates intersections and removes geometry as it goes essentially giving the same effect that the Subtract Tool did. That way it would be a simpler process to get the result.

This might be already possible in some form although I imagine controlling the possible outcomes of such a tool could be complicated. And given the time of day I might just have gone a bit mad too.

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