Problems with Push-Pull and bisecting angles and radiuses

I’m trying to use push-pull to remove the highlighted components on the following sketchup model I’m creating. I can’t push the outer edges of the triangle in without them stopping at the radius. And i cant push the large flat surface back because of the angle on the back. How can I get rid of the highlighted parts? I’m beyond frustrated! The angle displayed on the end of the highlighted section carries through along the entire component. I just want both curved sections to come through to the other side. Any tips?? Thanks in advance!

This could be the result of a misaligned or non parallel/coplanar face. It’s hard to tell just by looking at the image. Why not upload the skp file to permit forum subscribers to help you investigate the issue further?

Perhaps this?

At this point all geometry is selected. Then use intersect with selected and erase the unwanted geometry.


Use Push/Pull + Ctrl
That creates a new face, enabling the P/P extrusion to extend beyond existing geometry.

Then select all the geometry > Right Context Click > Intersect Faces > With Selection

Now simply erase the extra geometry you don’t want.

See the attached tutorial model:
Bracket.skp (192.7 KB)

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You guys are amazing! Thanks so much for the help. I got it to work just as I needed it to!