Need help with the push/pull

I push/pulled 1 arc on one face and I am tryin to do it on the next side and I can only push it till it makes contact with the first arc and will not go push all the way through. I have attached the file.
Thank you for any Leg.skp (20.3 KB)

Without looking at your file, I’m going to guess you should be using Follow Me instead of Push/Pull to sweep the profile around the leg.

Edit: Now that I’ve had a chance to look at it, my guess was correct. Draw the leg blank, put the arc on the right side face. Select the top front and left edges of the leg, get Follow Me and click on the waste side of the arc.

Or in case of your uploaded file:
When applying Push/Pull to push beyond existing interfering geometry, hit [Ctrl] once to leave a copy of the face behind. That way you can push/pull all the way through.
Once you have done so, select all > right click on selection > intersect faces with selection
Then start erasing unwanted geometry to get your wanted result.
You may need to reverse some back faces in the end.

Green marked face has been pushed beyond.
Red face still has to be done.
Intersect afterwards.
Clean up.

You can do it this way.

It’s a heckuva lot faster to just use Follow Me. No screwing around with Intersect Faces or deleting unneeded geometry.

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