Drawing a simple table leg

leg issue.skp (21.4 KB)

I’m drawing a simple table leg with a taper at the bottom created by intersecting arcs. I’m having a problem using the push/pull tool when I attempt to create a second arc, as shown in the attached file.

I’d like to see how other people do, I did like this:
I probably used the longest route to get the result, I’m still a newbie.

EDIT: To make it clear what I did, I used the move tool with the ctrl modifier to get a copy and I move it down along the blue axis (you can do this using the up arrow key while moving), once the face is selected I choose the tool follow me and then I selected the face (in this case the one with the arc shape) I want to follow the path it was already selected (the square face at the bottom). I got some reversed faces that I cannot turn them around unless I enable show hidden geometry. Sorry for my English.

You can’t push pull a non-planar face the way you are trying to.

You could either use the FollowMe tool, or use Intersect Faces to ‘subtract’ two arced blocks from the square leg.

Not at computer just now, but if no one else gets there first I’ll try some time in next hour or so to do a demo on my computer.

How many faces do you want to taper?

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I only need to taper 2 faces

This would be another option using intersect faces.

ecati recommeded this video to me about intersecting faces but I think it only explain how to do it using solid tools, and solid tools feature is not included in Make version, it belongs to PRO version.

It was here where he told me about it.

Same shape using Follow Me:


For two faces should be easier, you only need to push till the program lets you do it.

Still with Follow Me.

A question about the curve: As you’ve drawn it the foot will be wider than at the apex of the curve. Is that intentional?

If you put in a guideline showing the width at the bottom, you can use it as a guide when drawing the arc so you get a more normal taper.

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I think DaveR understood your request better than I did.
As usual he’s very good at showing the most simple way to can do something on sketchup.
What he did is selecting the two edges along the ones you want to apply the follow me, then he selected the tool and the face that you want to follow those edges.
There is a vertical blue line which can look as selected, but it’s not, it’s the blue axis because he drew from the coordinates 0,0,0.

And as usual, he got there before me!

DaveR - the follow me tip was the ticket - thank you!

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OK, now I’ve managed to flare two sides of the leg using DaveR’s followme tip. The next step is to taper the other two sides - but since they intersect the two sides that are already curved, I’m running into problems - as seen in the attached file. Leg issue v2.skp (31.4 KB)
I’ve tried to use follow me, but in order to do that, the profile needs to be drawn on one of the sides that are already shaped…

The second set of curves takes a slightly different approach.

From left to right.

  1. Place the second profile in front of the leg at a little distance. Draw a line to connect the profile and run another off the leg well past the bottom of it.
  2. Select the top edges of the leg and the two new lines. These will be the path for Follow Me. Get Follow Me and click on the profile.
  3. Select all of the geometry, right click, Intersect Faces>With Selection.
  4. Erase the unneeded geometry.

Basically the same process created the legs for these.

Excellent - thank you.

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