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I am using Sketchup for Web and I am trying to create beveled edges around a tabletop but when I Push/pull it follows the the angle of the face and not the plane. Basically, I am trying to do a 10 deg bevel on the long edge and then a 75 deg bevel on the short edge. Any help or guidance would be appreciated. Thanks!

Top.skp (198.1 KB)

Table Top.skp (131.0 KB)
Is this what you want? I first selected the top and made it a component. Then I ran inspector (I have SketchUp Go.) and erased an internal face. That made it a solid component. I was then able to turn on component edit, use the protractor and line to draw the 10 degree bevel and use push/pull to extrude the long bevel. I then made the other bevel by making a triangle above the table top, push/pull it longer than the short side, and place it where the other bevel was wanted. I used that to trace the edges on each side. Then I erased the parts not needed.
I used inspector again to make sure it was solid. All these things can be learned in more detail at the SketchUp Campus, and You Tube Square One series.

Thank you so much!! I really appreciate the step-by-step. I will try and recreate it following your steps so I can better understand. I am new to Sketchup and there seems to be multiple ways to tackle different problems. I will review the resources you recommended as well. Thanks again!!!

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From the existing guidelines in the file I thought that you are trying to bevel the bottom edges of the table? 75Ėš on one side and 10Ėš on the other. The guides appear to be set up for this. Keep in mind that the move tool can be used to move geometry, including either multiple or single faces or edges. Here I draw a few cross edges on the bottom of the table using your guides as the start and end points. This results in a smaller rectangle on center that will be the eventual bottom face when the bevels are completed. I erase the extra lines at the corners. Then I select a singe bottom edge, and using the move tool I move it until it merges with the new bottom edge of the table. I use the arrow keys to lock the inferencing direction to help me move the line in only one vector to avoid accidentally distorting the geometry. Repeating this 4 times will result in a beveled table.


Yes you are correct! Thats exactly what Iā€™m trying to do. When I replied earlier I had opened a wrong file and thought he had did it. This was very helpful. Much appreciated!

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