Push/Pull angled face

I want to do something very simple but can’t figure it out. I use Push/pull all the time but it doesn’t work in this case. Let’s say I make a 2x4 piece of wood. If it has a square-cut end, I can extrude that to make the board longer or shorter. But if it has an angle-cut end, I can not lengthen or shorten that 2x4. Push/pull extrudes the angled face perpendicular to the face, not along the length of the board. Follow me doesn’t work either because the face has to be perpendicular to the path. I would think this would be something simple and I need to use it all the time but haven’t been able to.

Select the angled face and use the move tool.

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Gosh, I knew it had to be something simple! Thanks. I never even thought of that.

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I just tried it and remembered - I had done that before a long time ago but the problem is, the part moves around as you move that one face. It’s not a big deal if the part is by itself - it’s fairly easy to keep it oriented the same, but if there are other parts around, it’s more difficult to keep it in the same space. Any way to guarantee it doesn’t move, except for the face in question?

Only the selection should be moving. You could be distorting attached geometry if you aren’t moving the selection in the right direction. If it’s not being moved on axis, follow an edge or a guideline to prevent you from going off in the wrong direction.

I guess that’s the key. I drew a guide and it worked great. Thanks.

One thing to remember, you don’t need to be touching the face you want to move, so in some cases it is easiest to select it then move along an edges to control it’s direction.
You can also use the arrow keys to constrain the move on a specific axes.
Here I have it the up arrow and it has locked to the blue.


Yes, thanks, I do use the constraints when it aligns with an axis but often it doesn’t. I haven’t tried grabbing along an edge like that - thank you for the gif.