Push Pull on angled face

How do you keep extrusions on same plane as your object and not the angle of the face?
I want to put a tenon on a piece and when I do an offset/pushpull on the angled face it follows the angle (see photo).

So you want to keep the tenon in the parallel to the length of the rail instead of perpendicular to the shoulder? There’s several ways you could do that. With Native tools you might draw the rail to the full length, outline the tenon on both sides and then push in to create the cheeks on the wide sides. Then outline for the top and bottom and push them away. Alternatively you could just draw the geometry for the tenon with the Line tool.

Or you could use Vector Push/Pull from the Joint Push/Pull extension on a rectangle drawn on the end of the rail.

FWIW, the native Push/Pull, by design only operates perpendicular to the face you click on.


Thanks, exactly what I’m looking for. That extension looks like it’s now unavailable however, but would be great to have.

Joint Push/Pull is still available from Sketchucation as are all of Fredo’s other extensions. It does appear that Sketchucation is down at the moment but I expect it’ll be back up soon.

Thanks Dave I finally downloaded the extension and worked great,

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