Pulling towards angled face

Hi all, another newbie question from me.

I want to pull several rectangles up against an angled face. When doing so, the pull will automatically stop when the first two corners of the rectangle touches this face, leaving a triangle area “unpulled”. Is there any way to use the push/pull tool in such a way that it automatically pulls my geometry all the way up towards this face? Preferably intersecting it with the face so that nothing sticks out the other end.

The attached screenshot shows what happens to the left and how I would like it to happen on the right. Can it be done?

Many thanks!


Pulling nicely to (=on) an angled face isn’t possible.
You’ll have to pull the small face right through the larger face(s) and later select the faces that need to intersect. Right click on the selection and select “Intersect Faces 1) With Model or 2) With Selection or 3) With Context (when inside a group)”

Clean up the resulting unwanted edges.

Note that you can pull “way” past the larger faces if the other side can be seen.
Sometimes you may want to hit [Ctrl] once when pulling, (**+**sign at the cursor) to leave a copy of the original face behind. Making pulling less restrictive but also leaving some extra edges behind that need to be deleted afterwards.


I do this a lot; there are several ways I’ve found to work it (depending on what colour of socks I’m wearing) I’m sure there are more…

  1. do as you are and pull so that the inside line touches the face. Select the furthest line and move it upwards (constrain with the up arrow) until it snaps to the face.

  2. when you pull, select closer to the outside line and snap it to the sloped face. Draw a line on the intersection on both sides & bottom, change to line or hidden line mode and delete the extra geometry

  3. pull the shape waaaaaaay beyond the surface so that it sticks out over the top. Draw a line on the side to define the intersection. Use push/pull to get rid of the top section.

  4. Pull the shape up so that it’s inside the shape of the sloped surface. Select all four faces and the r-click “intersect faces with model” option. Draw a selection box around the top bits of unwanted geometry and hit [del]

  5. Instead of pulling upwards, start with drawing vertical lines from the base to the intersection with the slope face so that you draw a side first, then push/pull this on the x/y axis rather than lifting it on the z.

  6. draw 4 lines upwards using the up arrow to constrain until they hit the sloped surface, then join the top lines to form faces around the post.

In all cases, I would “group” the base shape before stretching it to meet the sloped face (this saves accidentally selecting/deleting other bits of the model)

@gadget2020: nice list, I normally prefer no. 1 :wink:

Another method with a plugin (if the top face isn’t flat e.g.): ExtrudeEdgesByVectorToObject (yes, it’s the name of the tool) as a part of TIGs excellent Extrude tools