PushPull tool problem

Hello, I’m working on a sketchup project and I have a problem with my components. I have two boxes that are in contact via their green faces(Image 1). We’re going to call the transparent face that’s parallel to the green face “opposite face”. Is it possible to apply a constraint to the green face so that if I use the push/pull tool on the opposite face, that he can’t go through it?

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Can you show a better image of what it is you are trying to accomplish? If the geometry is all in the same context there is no way to make Push/Pull stop at the green face. You don’t have to push through the green face, though. You can stop when you get to it.

I don’t want the right box to cross the left box when I use the push/pull tool (picture). I would like the green face to be a barrier.

You just have to stop extruding when you get to the green face. You do have control over that.

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I know that, but the goal would be to make sure that even if I tried to get him through, I couldn’t.

There is no collision detection. You just have to maintain control over your modeling and not let things get sloppy.

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Too bad that there is no collision detection … Anyway, thank you for your time.