Push & pull tool


I am new to sketch up but a fast learner and an Architect, I have imported dwg traced, offset push-pulled and almost every thing I needed to do and was not hard at all the funny problem I am having is to open hole in the walls for doors and windows, it behaves as if the sides are not parallel or object on the other side or … I read and saw a few tutorials on this subject and seems like I have done every thing right but way it does not cut a hole in the wall and comes out as a box in either side is freaking me out … please help


Can you upload your model? Lacking that, we can only guess…

Coming out as a box on the other side usually means you are not concluding the pushpull at the opposite surface, but running on behind it. This can happen when the face you are pushpulling is in the interior of another face. You need to click on an edge or the surface of the opposite face to tell pushpull where to stop.


Thanks, components & groups, that was what I did not pay attention to, I finally found out, thanks again …

Now I have a different question:

on a practice project I drow a pool with a person in it … then I wanted to use it in a second project I started after so I took all the ojects out and was left with the pool then saved it as a pool and when I wanted to import the pool file into new project I could not, I thought that it would behave as a model but it never opened up …

please help …

Save and reimport problems

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