What inhibits push/pull



I am new to SketchUp Make.

I somewhat know how to use push/pull.

Nevertheless, I created something, where it does not behave as expected. Part of the design is a box of which I have a to cut away a smaller box on one of the corners. Starting at the corner of the box I started to create a rectangle on its upper surface that I want to push down. Upon pushing down I can see something go down on the sides of the bigger box, but I should be able to look into the empty space created. In my case I cannot. There still is a solid box.

If I delete the big box, I can see the smaller box as a 3D shape as if I created a new “entity” or a new box but not empty space.

I suppose some kind of “property” of the big box seems to inhibit the creation of empty space.

I hope I could make myself clear, thank you for your help,


Without seeing the model your post is not clear to me, although someone else may understand you better than I. I suggest that you post your model here along with your explanation. This enhances the possibility of someone on the forum to provide a solution.


As @jvleearchitects observes, this kind of question is much easier to answer if you upload your model. As a wild guess, is the large box perhaps a group or component? If so, did you open it for edit before doing the rectangle and pushpull?


Fifteen minutes watching these might save you hours of frustration.
Push/Pull Videos — Aidan Chopra Video


Thank you all for your help!

@ slbaumgartner: you were right with the assumption, that it could be a component. I thought closing the component would take away the proporties of being a component, but it does not close the component as such, it only closes the editing mode. This I found out only with your hint.

@geo: thank you for the link to the videos. I will watch them, I already watched the four SketchUp “Getting started” tutorials.

Thank you again for the help, the problem is solved now,