Push/pull Inide out hollow space


I have just downloaded the latest Sketchup for some furniture design in order to create and print some drawings.
I have tried the program before but have often had the same problem I am having using it now, which has been a source of frustration each time I have tried.
I have drawn up the start of a frame and gone to use the Push/pull tool only to get a hollow or negative space instead of creating a solid section. I know it has something to do with the small or thick lines now my rectangles are touching each other, but if someone could please explain how someone who uses the program well goes about avoiding this I would be relieved could work on my drawing.



Tap ctrl to create a second face when you use push pull in this case.
You can also just redraw one edge to put the face back.



Since the different parts would be separate in real world, you should model them like this too (make groups and/or components from them). With this, you won’t get this problem anymore…



Thanks kindly for showing me. :hushed: