Problem with pull tool making hollow cylinders



I am new to using SketchUp, and so far I have managed to draw a 2D representation of a pillow block bearing. The problem that is that when I try to use the push/pull tool to raise the cylinders, they become hollow.

The top picture is an image of the bearing before I use the push/pull tool. The bottom image is a view from under the bearing, after I use the push/pull tool. What I am after is for three solid pieces; The two inner cylinders, and the outer block.

I have tried many things over the last few hours, but unfortunately it is my bedtime now, and I am still eager to learn how to do this. So I apologize if this has been answered before.


You can try using the [Ctrl] key when applying Push/Pull.
Hit [Ctrl] once to leave a copy of the pulled face behind. You should see the **+**sign at the cursor’s tooltip when pulling the face.

There’s not always the need for that **+**sign. It depends more or less on the surrounding planar faces.
But on the safe side, here get the **+**sign by hitting [Ctrl] once. (It is a toggling key -> on/off)


That worked, thank you! I just knew there had to be a simple way to do this.


Perhaps an easier way to work is to draw the perimeter, extrude it to height, draw the larger circle and extrude it upward, and continue in the same manner from there. If it is important that the part be a solid, this method will prevent internal faces. With what you show now, there would be a lot of cleanup required to make a solid group or component. Even if you don’t need it to be solid, a solid component is generally cleaner and lighter.