Pushpull problem

When I use the pushpull tool the items pulled are hollow so how do i get solid pushpull please?

Can you show us what you are seeing?

You know that SketchUp is a face modeler an all solids are hollow, but watertight?

Not at the moment as there is now nothing to see but I am drawing a tram body pulled up from the base

Let me guess. You’ve outlined the body on a large rectangle and you are pulling up the walls.

Something like this?

That’s exactly what should happen.

If you delete the inner and outer faces, you won’t get the missing face in the extrusion.

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Two videos that might help

Yes that’s right. However I have started it again and the pushpull are now solid!

The missing face as in my first screen shot should be expected. It’s exactly the same thing that happens when you push in a face to create a recess or an opening for a window.

Thank you DaveR