Hollow-Appearing After Push-Pull

Newby here. I created a shape in X_Z plane. I can select it, and it’s apparently a single surface (all the dots show up). I then push-pull it, and it has the appearance of a hollow extruded tube, and the original surface can’t be selected, as there are inside-the-tube corner lines visible. Only the ‘shaded’ icon is turned on in the Styles toolbar.

Could you show us a screenshot of what you are seeing.

From your description, if it is one face it should extrude and form an enclosed 3d shape.
But if it is a face within a face it will create a tube like extrusion within the larger face.

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Here it is. The basic surface on the left (OK, really two surfaces, due to a line at the vertical midpoint). The extrusion, after push-pulling. It looks like the original surfaces have disappeared, and the extrusion is hollow.

I see what you are saying in your example, but it begs the question, what if you wanted that square-in-square extrusion to become a “solid”? Redraw the interior square?

Again, thank you.


You have two alternatives: either press the ctrl key (option/alt on mac) before the push-pull to cause it to create a new starting face, or retrace any edge of the hollow using the line tool to regenerate the face. The former is for when you know in advance that you want the start face, the latter when you discover it after the operation.

As Box noted, not creating a start face when you pushpull a face that is inset in a larger face is intentional: it lets you create things such as window openings that cut through an object.

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Solved. Thanks, y’all!

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