Newbie: how not to make this happen

I’m trying to make a window frame, the board is 2’x4’ with a center cut out of 1’x1’, i drew a box and then wanted to cut out the 1x1’, but when i use the Push/Pull tool it does this “hollow” effect.

Why does it do that ?

Possibly because the faces of the “board” aren’t parallel. Can you upload the SKP so we can see what you have going on?

Please see attached.2x4.skp (98.4 KB)

First thing I notice is your “board” is over a 285 feet from the origin. Why did you do that?

So you draw a rectangle on the top surface and use Push/Pull to push it through. How are you finishing the Push/Pull step?

Hi Dave, When you say it’s 285 feet from the origin you’re meaning in the corner where the model usually stands? If that’s the case I just decided to put it there as eventually I will export it into a code that my CNC machine can read.

After I draw the rectangle on top of my main rectangle I take the push poll tool and click the rectangle I just made, it shades that I selected, and then I put down but when I pull it down it doesn’t make a whole I notice it makes a rectangle that I click on to delete. (Where the inside rectangle was)

By the way, I hope you realise 4 feet isn’t 44 inches.
Working at a distance from the origin will cause problems, Clipping being the most common one.
Just to repeat what Dave has already shown you, the pushpull tool will go through a face and extend beyond if you don’t tell it stop at the other face.
See how in both Dave’s gif and mine we use the edge inference to finish the pushpull, which then creates the hole without removing the rest of the bottom face.

Hi Guys, the issue was i was taking the push pull tool and bringing it all the way out, if i simply stopped where the push pull would say AT END then it would have worked. Thank you