Issues using push/pull tool


I’ve recently started using Sketchup to produce higher quality 3d renders for projects.

While using Sketchup i’ve run into some issues when trying to push/pull my walls in order to create doorways. I didn’t have issues when creating the exterior doors/windows but when moving onto the interior of my project, my walls are no longer being pushed through the whole way.

After looking at some other topics on the forum i’m still unable to figure it out but hoping someone can provide some advice!

Attached is my current project in relation.

Thanks in advance
Project.skp (259.8 KB)

Your walls aren’t square. Go to Model Info → Units and turn off Length Snapping (the likely cause of the errors) and then increase the display precision. You can see the ~ is showing next to your measurements… that’s a good indication that you’re ‘approximate’ and not spot on.

Screenshot 2023-11-29 163250

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Ah okay… thanks alot.

I gathered that would have been my issue based off some other threads on the forum.

My next question is how do i go about fixing this? should i just edit each wall that isn’t quite square and try to make them as uniform as possible, or would it be easier to start over?

I haven’t spent a whole lot of time on this project so i’m happy with either option

Probably easier to start over and make sure things stay parallel and square from the beginning.



Thanks for the quick responses and help guys. much appreciated


You can see that there are little errors in various places. I would start again. Also, turn off Length Snapping and save that as your template.

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I see okay.

The plan i used for this house was one i quickly threw together on Autocad as the client wanted the exact same layout, but flipped so i freehanded it for the most part.

I think i’ll spend some time to refine the plan before bringing it into sketchup. Who knew such a small error would cause a world of issues haha.

Thanks for all the help you guys are life savers

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Length Snapping is one of those ‘gotchas’. You can also directly enter line lengths.

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Yeah i think i’ll be manually entering my lengths instead of going off my plan. If it looks a little bit off my plan it’s no biggie as i know atleast my rooms will be square :laughing:

Also consider using the Offset tool to outline interior wall edges from exterior exterior. By design the inside and outside faces will be parallel when you’ve raised the walls.


Will do, I use the offset for the main walls of the house but neglected to use it again when working on the rooms as i thought my plan would have been good enough. Lesson learnt

If you just need it rough, you could sketch walls on a component.

Then move it down to grab your window positions.

At least what you’ve done can serve as a reference while you true-up the plan.

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Eh i’ve already restarted and it’s going ALOT smoother already so i’ll run with this for now. thanks though!

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A little something to add, your geometry is all one group but you should be breaking it up into groups and components.
This is a rudimentary demo, a floor slab, outer walls, inner walls.
GIF 30-11-2023 12-28-01 PM

Sketchup geometry is ‘sticky’ and it is separated by using groups and components, this then allows you to tag the groups and components so you can hide them easily when needed.


Thanks! i did see some material on grouping my geometry but never fully understood it. Will take a further look into this and apply it from now on.