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Hello guys, wishing all have a great day,

I’m a newcomer to SketchUp, I’m self-studying a course that I bought on Udemy called: ‘SketchUp for Architecture.’ I’m drawing on a floor plan from the course and follow what videos they show me. I was having problems: where I circled red, after I drew a Rectangle, I used the Pull / Push tool to cutting holes (for making windown and doors), but it didn’t happen, there was no endpoint. Did I miss something?


#edited with my file skp.

building a house.skp (520.5 KB)

Cutting holes though a wall with (of course) two parallel faces on either side needs to be done in the same context of the wall (so maybe in its editing context).
Also, if the hole is somewhere in the middle of the wall’s face, you can use any edge or endpoints of the back face of that wall as reference to end push/pull.

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As @Wo3Dan says it is most likely a context error, but from your screenshot I see you may be using Layers/Tags incorrectly.
Read up on them Here.
Attaching your model would help us tell you exactly what the issue is.

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Thank you very much @Box , for the suggestions. I have edited and added the spk file. Can you see exactly the problem I’m having and how to fix it?

Thank you so much @Wo3Dan ! God bless you!

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Sorry, I’m driving now for several hours so can’t look at your model.

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There are several problems. As @Wo3Dan pointed out in his reply, the geometry for the door needs to be in the same context as the geometry for the walls. That is, you need to open the group for editing before drawing the rectangle for the opening. Your screen shot shows heavy profile edges around the rectangle you drew for the opening which proves the rectangle is not in the same context as the wall. Since you removed that rectangle I’ve drawn two. The one on the left is drawn like yours was outside of the group. Note the heavy profile edges. The one on the right was drawn while the wall component was opened for editing. Notice it has thin non-profile edges.

You can see when the rectangle is drawn in context with the wall geometry, Push/Pull works just fine to create the opening.

Before you can add the opening you’ll need to unlock the group. The red outline indicates you’ve locked it.

Also before you go any further you should fix the tag usage. Currently your model shows you’ve been using tags incorrectly. Untagged should always be the active tag and all edges and faces should remain untagged. Only groups and components should get other tags. Remember tags do not separate geometry. You must use grouping for that.

I fixed the incorrect tag usage and got this:
Screenshot - 6_30_2020 , 6_59_36 AM

Added the file after fixing the tags issue and purging unused stuff.
building a house.skp (360.5 KB)

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Thank you so so much @DaveR , very detailed and clear !!! I understood and gained more experience, the models and the edges - the faces I tagged were all following the instructions of the course.

Wish you good health!

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I’m glad that helped.

If the instructor is directing that raw geometry (edges and faces) be tagged, I think you should find a new instructor because the workflow your current instructor is teaching is a sure way to create problems for yourself.

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I’ll do it about end of course, I’m sure instructor choose edges/faces and tagged because I’m watching video. anyway, Thank you for the tutorial and explanation for me. you’re so kind!

Really appreciate this clear summary. Sometimes the basics can elude us. Bless you

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