Can pull a square but cannot push through

I have created a floor pan of my house and used push / pull to create the walls, but when i use section plane it shows the walls as hollow and wont allow me to push the doors through.

SketchUp models only surfaces, not true solids. So it is normal for a section plane to show the inside of a SketchUp “solid” as hollow. That does not explain your second problem, though. Could you explain in more detail how you are trying to push the doors through, perhaps post your model?

Hi Kevin,

You’ll find these tutorials helpful:

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Even though you could pull the wall up if the two surfaces are not parallel you will not be able to push through the wall. Change your rendering mode to show edges by axis and you should see the two edges the same color. If not you need to redraw so they are parallel.

Hi All. Thanks for all the advise.

What I did find as my mistake is that I had created the object as a Component and if you try and modify it without saying Edit Component then it will allow you to pull the object but not push through. Being a newbie I kept forgetting to go into Edit Component.

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