Push/Pull problem

Hi All, when i open a new file ,begin to make a object (just for the practice)
draw a rectangle and try to push/pull it up , it goes down . It seems that if i type in a size less than a whole number it wont pull/push up only down . any guidance gratefully welcomed
regards Pete

Orbit the camera a little bit so you’re looking at it from an angle. Then click with the Push/Pull tool on the face and move the cursor up. Let go of the mouse and type the distance.

Thanks for the swift reply DaveR, i finally got it to work ,ie i found the reverse face tool and that worked
puzzled as to why it was the wrong face to start with?

There’s no need to reverse the face in this case. The back face should be on the top side when you draw it on the ground plane. The expectation is that you will next extrude the shape to make it 3D which will result in front faces on the outside and back faces on the inside.

If you start the extrusion in the desired direction before typing the distance, as I described earlier, it will work just fine.

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