Intersection of Curved Push/Pulls with Angled Surfaces

Trying to learn more
Spacers 1.skp (194.1 KB)
as I am designing an object to 3D print. I am first just learning what tools I need to design what I need and I have made a prototype of sorts to learn with. It is the general shape of what I intend to print and the dimensions aren’t that important right now. I’ve had some trouble with the intersecting surfaces during push/pulls into a slanted surface and have received some great advice that has really helped. I am having touble keeping the object manifold when deleting some lines and surfaces that I over extrude during the push/pull. Something is not connecting. Is there an easy way to make a surface whole again in the online version of Sketchup that I am using?

Extend the Pushpull beyond the bottom sloping face by tapping the Ctrl key after P.
Select the inwardly curved face ‘behind’ the extended PP, then Intersect Faces/With model.

… to get this:

Then erase the excess. Repeat at other corners.

Well, that should have worked, but doesn’t because your arc didn’t go all the way to meet the vertical corner.

I get this on the bottom after trimming off the excess below the bottom face.

So I tried a different route. I made everything into a component, erased it all except the top, and the sloping line at one side.

Pushpulled the top all the way to the origin.

Then drew a rectangle bigger than your box on the red-green plane, and rotated it about the green axis to match the slope of the angle line.

Selected the rectangle, cut to clipboard, opened the component for editing, then Edit/Paste in place.

Select all. Intersect faces with context.

Select the rectangle and Intersect Faces with model (I found if I didn’t to this, the bottom sloping face wasn’t created).

Then delete the surplus.

This is the thing I always love about 3D designing. Finding a creative way around a problem or even just figuring out the original approach can be pretty gratifying. I always seem to have to do this since I’m only an occasional user. Thanks for the help.

If you are mainly using SketchUp for 3D printing I would recomment SketchUp Make 2017. That allows you to use extensions whitch are very handy. I especially recomment Solid Inspector2. Very usefull for making your models solid.