Rotated rectangle-push/pull problems

when i try to draw a rotated rectangle ( for a deck board) i am running into this problem. i can draw the rectangle fine, and push/pull it up in height, but when click on the end to extend its length -the following happens

Push/Pull only works perpendicularly to the face. It’s doing what it is supposed to do. You can select the end of the “board” and use Move to move it along the length of the board.

Thanks you for the quick response-that’s awesome. Is there any way to constrain pc to stay on same diagonal and just grow longer , I find while it works the board moves around while doing so

You can lock the inferred direction by starting the move in the right direction and then holding Shift or you can place a guideline along the edge to follow or, if you make the board a component, you can change the axes so they align with the board and follow the axis line. This last will make it so you can get accurate dimensions for the part from the CutList extension if you need that. It’ll also make it easier to apply materials properly if you need to show a wood grain material on them.

By the way, you could draw your deck in a much more efficient manner than you’re doing if you were so inclined.

Thank you very much, I will learn more about changing the axes as I do need
cultist . Wasn’t sure if I should be using components or groups or dynamic
components, only a week into learning it-loving it though -this forum is

Maybe it would be helpful to get a lesson or two. I could do that for you.

I would use components. This isn’t worth the time it would take to make a dynamic component and it wouldn’t be especially useful for a cutlist.

I am open to suggestions. Basically I am not sure if I should be using
components, dynamic components or groups .
Right now I am making a rectangle,
rotating it 45,
push/pull it 1.5",
using line tool to cut it off at 45 degree ends,
(Top and bottom of deck)
then moving/copying board for all the full pc, then cutting off extra
lengths on the sides of the decks,
and doing each of the smaller end board separately

Whichever way I do it I will need to incorporate cultist and dimensions
Any help would be appreciated

Maybe we can set up a time to do a one-on-one. I can show you an easier way. Send me a PM.