Can someone help a beginner please :-)

Hi, i’m very new to SKetchup, looked already a lot of vids, tutorials, but now. . . i’m stuck. . . I want to cut holes out of a rectangle , then push/pull the rectangle up, is no problem, but then. . .i want one side of the pushpulled rectangle to be higher then the other side. . . and that does not work. I made a group, i made component, i tried first push/pull en then i was able to change the object, but when i then cut out the rectangles of the bigger one, it also does not go, because it is a cut out “non parallel”. What am i doing wrong ? Im really sure it is a little thing, but i don’t find it… thanks for your help, best regards, Nino

Can you share your Sketchup file here so we can take a look? As you’re new you might have to make some more posts or read around the forum to be allowed to post files. When you can, just drag it where you type your reply or click the 8th icon from the left to upload.

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testrectangle.skp (176.0 KB)
Hi McGordon, thanks for your quick response, here is the upload. It is only a test, but when i know how to do. . .i can do properly. The meaning is to raise 1 side higher then the others. . .but i cannot do, and don’t know why, thanks a lot, have a nice evening, best regards, Nino

Sorry, but I don’t understand what you’re trying to do.

This edge is not vertical, it’s 1.2cm off the plumb

The small rectangles have created a hole underneath if you look at the underside. I don’t know if that’s what you want or not.

Do you mean one side of the main box higher like this?

i’m trying to get this. . . .

rectangle with rectangles cut out, and then a “tilt” in the shape

it is for accordion-use :slightly_smiling_face:

extrude to first thickness then select the face and rotate to match either a height or angle reference, this will match the base face

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If the rectangular holes are perpendicular to the top face in the photo, this is probably the easiest way:

Make a cuboid and cut the square holes out of it with everything square and parallel, so push-pull will work to cut the holes:

Make this a component so the cutting plane doesn’t stick to it. Draw a rectangle and rotate it up to your required angle. I used 10° here as a guess.


Select the plane and Cut it to the clipboard. Edit the component and “Paste in place”. Right-click on the sloping face and choose “Intersect Faces -> With Context”.


Erase all the parts below the plane and tidy up any stray edges or missing faces.

To give you this shape:


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hello Mc Gordon, thanks very much for your clear explanation , i just tested (don’t mind the inner rectangles) is just testing. But the first steps i can do, then i get this (printscreen)

thanks a lot for your help, really appreciate, have a nice day, best regards, Nino

Hello I too need some help to where i will start
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Start with the fundamentals.

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You have two components there. You’re editing Component#2, which has the cutting plane and the Box with the holes is in the other Component (Component#1). Intersect with context won’t do anything. Intersect with Model would create the lines but you’d still have to copy them and edit Component#1 and paste them in place. I know it’s a bit complicated, but read that bit again:

Or the easy way is if you’re happy with where the plane is, explode both components and right-click on the plane and intersect with model.

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hello McGordon, thanks again, really tried ± 25 times, but this is not working for me, don’t know why, but no problem, also McPoor answered, with extrude first to thickness, then rotate face and that worked instantly, so i already have the form i wanted (testform)

thanks a lot anyway. . . i will look further to know more about intersections too, for now i am saved, thanks a lot !

best regards, and perhaps hear you another time :slightly_smiling_face: stay safe,


Hello Phillip, thanks a lot, that worked instantly :slightly_smiling_face: have a nice day, best regards from Belgium and stay safe

If you rotate the top face, one of the long walls will go off the plumb. If you got the shape that you wanted, that’s all that matters. Intersect with model/context/selection does work and is a useful technique to learn. You were probably not in the right context with your plane in one component and the box to intersect in a different component.

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i certainly will learn it :slight_smile: thanks again ! :slight_smile: