Extend an angled surface

I am trying to figure out how I easily can extend an object (think of a 2 by 4 plank) that has a 10 degree angle on the surface. Say I want to extend it 100mm keeping the 10 degree angle.
The gif show what I dont want.

Select the face and use the move tool to move it.

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Thank you! That make sense, dont know why that was so hard to find for me haha

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The move tool is really power-full once you start seeing how it can work on individual pieces of geometry, faces and edges alone. SketchUp will always try to keep faces connected so the surrounding surfaces will stretch.


There’s also a way which I use.
Since Push/Pull works perpendicular to the face selected, I often take the angled line and draw a line perpendicular to it, or just do this -

, where you draw the angled line and press the Down key until it says what the image says.

constrained on line from point if the text is too small

Of course @endlessfix knows more than me, but anything is fine.