Extrusion/prism extension?

Hi all,

I’m sure there’s an extension out there that does this, or maybe it’s already part of the SketchUp toolbox, but I’m not sure what the right word/terminology for it might be.

It’s essentially like push/pull, but instead of working on a flat surface, it would take any surface and pull it along an axis, creating a prism.

With simple enough shapes I can move/copy along an axis and then manually connect the vertices, but I’d like to do this on a large scale with more complex surfaces.

Appreciate the help!

Joint Push/Pull would be an option. It has a Vector Push/Pull tool.

Depending on exactly what you are trying to accomplish, the native Push/Pull with its Stretch function might work, too.

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None other than the sage himself!

Thank you DaveR, I should have installed Joint Push/Pull years ago. It’s exactly what I needed.