Is there a Shell or Solidify extension available for SketchUp?


I would like to learn for alternative modeling methods for creating surfaces of objects such as plastic boxes and bins. Currently, I use boolean operations to carve out internal spaces, which works well for simple shapes. However, boolean operations may pose challenges when modeling more complex shapes.

Question: Are there any extensions, like a shell or solidify extension, that can convert solid components into solid surfaces?

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge.
I have attached this model for you to explore.

SkethUp Surface Model Practice 2023.12.17.skp (144.7 KB)

Fredo JPP extension

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Thanks again @mihai.s
I have Joint Push Pull, but I never knew it had this feature.
I will check it out.

Fredo JPP or Artisan 2

You’re welcome!

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I’ve tested Joint Push Pull, and it almost achieves the desired result.
I just need to make a minor adjustment to the top edge to achieve a completely flat surface.

Is it possible to flatten a face by setting the Z scale to “0,” similar to the process in Blender?
I’ve attempted this in SketchUp, but it doesn’t allow me to input a scale value of 0.

Alternatively, is there any other method you would recommend for flattening a surface?

Thank you for taking the time to guide me and help improve my modeling skills on multiple occasions.

2 steps

and a question/plea for help from @Fredo6. TIA, Fredo!

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Thank you, @mihai.s

I’ve been practicing, and I’ve discovered that the Vertex Tool actually has a “Make Planar” feature, which is quite useful. Since I mainly use keyboard shortcuts, I’ve realized that there are several features I may have overlooked by not clicking on icons.
This has been a good weekend practice for me.

I appreciate your time and help.

You’re welcome!
Use Slide, as I showed you, to keep the same wall thickness.

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With JPP, you need to force the Horizontal plane:


And for the Bottom, Follow PushPull should make it.


Thank you for sharing.
I have already practiced following your instructions, and it works very well.

I’ve been using the boolean method for a long time, and I’m glad I asked this question today to discover a better way.

Kwin, for simple forms, you could just use Follow Me, without any plugins.

Thank you, Fredo!

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