[BoolTools] Wanted: Boolean (Solid) Tools Test Models



Some of you will remember my BoolTools script that pre-dated the SketchUp Solid Tools. This script was removed from Smustard awhile ago due to instability and incompatibility issues.

However, I am hoping to re-release a new and improved version soon.

If you have any test models where BoolTools or the SketchUp solid tools failed, I would love to use them as test models to improve the plugin. Please upload them in this thread.

Thank you very much!

PS - if you have anything on your wish list for BoolTools 2.0, please fire away!


I would love to see the original solid instance names & layers stay retained after the operation.


You should pay attention to the official solid tools problem with components in contrast to the trim and keep solution. @DaveR will probably have a better explanation and an example for this topic for you.


That’s a given, Wade!

Cotty, I know DaveR and will definitely be getting his input on this one :slight_smile:


I’d love the ability to use boolean operations with nested groups.


I don’t know whether it is possible or not, but if you could find a way to avoid the small edges cleanup issue (maybe by putting in an automatic scaleup/scaledown so users don’t have to do it manually?) you would become a hero to millions of SketchUp users!


We are working on this issue right now. :slight_smile: