Booltools2 extension

Does the free online version allow extensions? i would like to install booltools2 for someone. I have pro on my desktop but someone i know has a chromebook and needs something simular to solidtools and the only thing we can find, besides native tools, is booltools2.


No, the web version doesn’t support extensions, yet.

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oh man, this makes it a we bit hard then for solids. I know i can upgrade but for someone just learning(not me) that might not be worth it if they dont stick with SU. hmmm, do we have a date of when extensions will be available?



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well, that kind of bites haha. In the mean time i guess i can teach them how to use the native tools to do what solid tools does, but i dont know how to do that yet because solid tools does it all for me haha

Which is why you should learn the basics before jumping to solid tools and extensions.

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exactly. I can do alot in SU but i never learned how to do solid tools the old school way. How does one make a basic trim or difference with out solid tools?


You simply use intersect faces with… and remove the parts you don’t need.

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hmm, i was attempting that but i failed miserably haha.

Give me an example model and I can check what’s wrong.

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ok, this modle was made in the online version since i am at someones house and i have to figure out how to send it. give me a min to figure this out haha

ok, so the online version with trimble connect wont let me save to an offline pc. here is a screenshot of the part. i want the cylnder to be used as a cutting tool to cut a rounded section out of the box


I found the download option FINALLY haha

solids test 2.skp (325.9 KB)

This is where you need to understand about context. The raw geometry needs to touch for you to intersect in this setup.
So I explode the cylinder, cut it, open the cube for editing, paste in place, then intersect faces with selection and remove the excess.

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Thats what i had when i first tried it. those are the sqaure lines i had, i just never deleted the front edge. i tired to delete one of the lines on the side haha.

thank you for showing this to me. once i am home, i am going to try it out. I want to become great at cutting out things using this method as well as solid tools.

tahnk you for showing me this.

Something else to keep in mind, you can build your geometry in place.

Now thats cool. I will have to pm you to see what else can be done. Su is pretty powerful tool and i really enjoy it. My father in law who is an architect wants to try it out. He has done some pretty cool projects. Anyway, i was juat curious to see how SUmake users had to do things.

Thanks again for showing me this

Its amazing how a programer tells sketchup to select certain faces, then delwtes them, removes unwanted stuff and then it becomes an extension like enwroth. Totally random thought but that blows my mind haha

Have you changed your shortcut from “.” to “haha”? :wink:

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No but i should haha. Thats a great idea:) right now im just excited to learn how to do things nativley