Crashing using BoolTools

As usual, need to finish job urgently!!!
Have been using BoolTools throughout the model until it crashed on one hole. Now every attempt results in a crash. Have eliminated other holes but still crashes.
Native solid tools simply doesn’t cut through.
File is here

Scale, scale up or use the Dave method.

By “crash” do you mean that BoolTools fails to complete the operation, or that it crashes SketchUp?

Almost all the time, BoolTools runs flawlessly for me. But I’ve seen situations in which it fails, typically during a subtract or trim where the “cutter” touches the “cuttee” along an edge. I’ve also seen it mysteriously work fine on one hole and then hang forever on a second identical one. I guess nothing is perfect…

When you get time, you might contact MindSight Studios to see if they have any insight into your particular case. You may have found a bug they can fix.

SketchUp crashes, and native solid tools fails to complete the operation.
Unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of time, my client is to inspect their prototype in the morning, so with several hours of printing to come I need a solution urgently.

Box gave you two solutions that will work immediately.

I used the Dave Method with no problem.

when I model detailed stuff for 3D printing I model as if millimeters were meters and leave it big. That avoids the tiny face issue. When the .stl is exported the units are set to meters and then it is imported into the slicer as millimeters.

Box! It’s so aggravating how simple you can make things seem. Thanks again for saving my bacon. If it weren’t for fear of being quarantined on the way back I come down and paddle out there with more than one beer.

Dave, I usually do exactly that. But with it was too confusing for me having to work out all the threads needed. I thought I had the faces under control - obviously not. Thanks for chiming in.

If you are modeling with units set to meters there’s no extra math required. Thread pitch is 1.0 meter instead of 1.0 mm but it’s still just entering ‘1’. The screw diameters are still just 9 and 12.