Does SketchUp for Web include Slicer and Solid Tools?

New to Sketchup. Does the web version have access to Slicer and Solid Tools, please?

The Web version cannot run extensions like Slicer.
Solid tools are native to SketchUp. They are in SketchUp Shop (the paying Web version) but not in the free version.

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Except for outer shell, wich is found under push pull on the left side of the screen…

Thanks both. Happy to buy Shop, but can’t really justify Pro for the project in mind. Is there a work-around for slicing solid objects to produce CNC slices?

Is this for hobby or work?


Then I would suggest that you download SketchUp Make 2017.
It is the last free for non-commercial purposes desktop version and can be used with extensions like Slicer.
Solid tools are not a part of Make 2017 so the only option for that would be a paid extension. BoolTools2 is what I use, it is even better than the native solid tools of the Pro versions and Shop.

Ah! Thanks for the tip! I’ll give it a go.

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You can easily do a manual slice in any version, here done just for the edges, but same method basically if you want to actually slice the model.
Manual slice


Thanks. That looks pretty straightforward. Slicer seems to have some additional features for organising and labelling the output slices which would be handy. I’ll probably familiarise myself with the free online version and in the process get a feel for which way to go.

if you referring to Tigs slicer plugin, you can use that in Make 2017 for free…

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That’s why I mentioned it in my post.

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