SketchUp Make vs Solid Tools

Why is that The solid tools dont work with some versions of sketchup make for example 2016 or 2015 but in skup make 2017 it works? I heard that this is PRO only , but like i said it works on one of my computers

It only works during the PRO 30 days trial period.
The only option that keeps working once the trial period expires is Outer Shell.
The following table explains it better, it belongs to
I got the link from this post by @filibis

Thanks for reply.
But there is one exception. On one computer i have installed sketchup make 2017 for the first time. There were no earlier versions before. And there solid tools are still working. I will post a photo.

As already pointed out, if you have installed it within the last 30 days, solid tools will work.
After 30 days they will stop working.

Are there any possibilities to replace it with non sketchup addons?

I assume you mean replacing Solid Tools. There’s BoolTools 2 from Mindsight Studios.

Or just do what you need with the native tools. There’s nothing you can do with Solid Tools that can’t be done with other native tools. Solid Tools will be faster but it’s not impossible without them.

Yes, but not even to replace it. I would just have such possibilities and do things so i cant without solid tools.

You have three options.

  1. Buy SketchUp Pro so you have Solid Tools.
  2. Buy the Bool Tools 2 extension from Mind.Sight.Studios.
  3. Learn to use the native tools.

As I wrote in my prevous post, there is nothing that Solid Tools does that can’t be done with other native tools.

I know i can do everything without it and I do, but why?
To buy is the easiest way, but it would be a pretty expensive toy per year. I’m not commercial user.
They should sell other professional functions for professionals than solid tools.

Thanks anyway

I gave you a less expensive option than buying SketchUp Pro. Apparently you haven’t looked at that.

Why? Because that’s the alternative to having tools you aren’t willing to pay for.

This solid tool business is appalling, how come they don’t let you use it for free like most of the rest of the software. Personally I think a Trimble employee should be assigned to every make user to pop around to their house each time they want to use solid tools and do the manual bits for them.
It’s only fair, after all it was their decision to randomly remove some options from the totally free version.


@Box : good suggestion,
assigned to @TheOnlyAaron
(Has plenty of lunchtime left)

Sounds like a plan! I can get to Australia and back in my lunch hour, right?


With SpaceX’s proposed BFR, maybe so. :slight_smile:

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