Solid tools not working any more in SU Make, why?

I used solid tools for months now in SU MAKE with satis. But suddenly icons are grey and the info ( old dates) says only pro?
This is a greate downgrade of SU make. SU pro is too expensive for hobby.
Pls. Tell me why?

You were using the Solid Tools for a month during the SketchUp Pro trial. Solid Tools are a Pro only feature and not available in Make. It’s been this way since they were first offered in SU8. The Solid Tools are a convenience but you can do what the Solid Tools do with other tools.

Thanks Dave
I’m used to intersect faces ->. Are there some more tools with and without component / group setting? Like solid tools actions.

Intersect Faces is the key tool for doing what you can do with the Solid Tools.

There’s an ancient extension called Bool Tools but from what I can find, it doesn’t work after SU2013.

Make has the Outer Shell tool that is virtually identical to the Union tool in Solid Tools.


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Outer shell give makes one component from two no intersect with removable lines.

Yes. That’s what Outer Shell is designed to do.

Disappointing when using a device or subject and than when you used to it you loose it.
Thanks for your answers.

Yes. I can see that but it shouldn’t be a surprise that you’d lose those tools when the pro trial ends. There are multiple places where you could have learned that the Solid Tools are a Pro-only feature. This, for example.

Yes I know I have seen this when looking for a solution to get solid a life again. But I was not aware of a pro trial when downloaded make '17 or having an update.
End of discussion.