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SketchUp Make starts with a 30 days trial of SketchUp PRO and reverts back to MAKE afterwards.
SketchUp PRO starts with a 30 days trial and don’t revert back to MAKE after the trial period.

Did I download SketchUp Make or Pro?

I tried a Sketchup Pro capability (solid/union) and it says my selected objects are either locked or not solid. In the edit menu I see that ‘unlock’ is greyed out. Does this mean I don’t have Sketchup Pro or is there something I’m missing?


If your SketchUp is still running in the 30 days trial period the solid tools should work on solids.
So I guess your selected obects or one of them isn’t solid (you ruled out ‘Loked’).
You should work on making both of them solid first:

  • watertight and grouped per object.
  • only edges bounding just two faces per edge ( so no more, no less) and faces. No stray edges.


No I bet they are locked. They are simple solids (one is a box). I created the box by placing a rectangle and then using push/pull on it.


It was that I hadn’t grouped each object. Too bad the tool didn’t give me a clue on that. Can anyone suggest a good tutorial for beginners?


If you do a search on You Tube, you will find hours of tutorials.


Google: Harwood Podcasts>Sketchup
I found 51 tutorials