Confusion about Make's Pro Trial

Hello community! First time poster here.
I just got SketchUp Make and I realized that I got a “Pro Trial” for thirty days. Does this mean I can use the features of SketchUp Pro on the Make version (and then only being able to use Make’s original features after 30 days), or am I only able to use Make for 30 days?

It works as you said:

First 30 days you will have access to the PRO version features (Solid Tools, LayOut, and so), after the same program will work with the Make (free) features.

Hey @64BTX.

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I will admit that I have not used Make in over ten years so my response may be incorrect.

Make was always distributed with a 30 day Pro trial until version 2018, where Make is no longer made available (only v2017 and earlier…and the only legitimate remaining d/l is for Make 2017.

It seems logical to assume that the trial is still available if you have received a notification to that effect. At the very least, go ahead and try it, You have nothing to lose in this case.

According to your profile, you’ve installed SketchUp 2017 Make. Assuming that is correct, it will act as SketchUp 2017 Pro until the 30-day trial period has expired. Then it will revert to Make. If you actually installed a Pro version (either SU2017 Pro 0r SU2018 Pro) it will quit working at the end of the trial period unless you add a license.

Keep in mind that SketchUp Make is for personal or hobbyist use. If you are using SketchUp commercially, you must use Pro.