Sketchup Make 2017 - Free?

Last weekend I decided to finally teach myself Sketchup. Downloaded Sketchup Make, installed and by the end of the weekend had a fully designed inside/out Arcade Cabinet for a personal project of mine.

Noticed today though, when starting up Sketchup, I had 23 days left?

Says “Licensed to: Sketchup Make 2017 User, Pro Trial, 23 Days Remaining

So do I have Make? or Pro? Whenever I found tutorials that used “pro only” features, I couldn’t do them so assumed I had Make, plus when I go to Help->About, it says Make.

Is Make still free?
What will happen in 23 days?
Is it a Pro trial? that’s missing Pro options?

The Make version comes with a 30-days trial of the Pro version, it will convert to Make after the trial.

SketchUp Make starts out with a 30-day free trial period during which the Pro features are also enabled. At the end of the trial, they are disabled and only Make remains.

Weird… so it’s Make, but a 30-day trial of Pro… but for example, I followed a tutorial for importing an illustrator shape into Sketchup that works in Pro, but option wasn’t there on mine… if I recall correctly, importing eps/ai files, and those extensions didn’t exist in my copy for import.

As you can see in the page Dan linked, to import eps files you need first to convert them to dxf or dwg. There is no direct import of eps or ai files, even in Pro.

Ah… gotcha… so it’s not that I don’t have pro features, it’s that the tutorial I was watching wasn’t very accurate. :smiley:

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