Entensions in Make

I’m currently in a 30-day trial of SketchUp Pro; as I understand it will revert to “Make” after the trial period. Will any added extensions still function when “Pro” reverts to “Make”, and can you still add extensions?

Most extentions will still work, unless the extension uses pro only methods or the developer explicit made the plugin for the pro version.

If you are using plugins which depend on the solid tools, they will probably not work anymore, but this is described in the plugin description. But these are only a few ones…
If you are unsure about certain plugins, you can ask about them here.


By mentioning that solid tool will no longer function; does that mean 3D objects can still be created, but certain tools such as “Intersect faces” will no longer function?

Only the PRO functions from the toolbar “Solid Tools” are affected. You can create solid, intersect faces, …

Thanks Cotty for the information.