Are there any plugins that can flatten/chisel/mould surfaces

I am struggling to know how to describe what I am asking here… So please bear with me.

Is there any Plugins in sketchup where you can “mould” surfaces and push/pull it organically… Almost like playing with clay.

I have tried to simlulate what I want… Imagine this

And I want to smooth the lump down to this

I am not expecting it to be perfect… But I just wonder if there any ways to manipulate an object in more of an “organic” way than just moving edges, corners and faces.

I realise Sketchup isn’t designed to be used this way… But I just wondered if there was anything I was overlooking?

Look at Vertex Tools in the Extension Warehouse. That’ll do what you need.

By the way, you should stay on top of the reversed faces.

Cheers. I should have said, those pictures were a mock up… I just took a random curved surface and pulled it out to make the lump, just to try and demonstrate what I wanted… This wasn’t a real world example by any means.

I will check out the Vertex Tool plugin… Thanks.

Just looked and there are 4 “Vertex” plugins and they all look great… But none are free and are far too complex for what I need.

Are there any ‘free’ plugins which might help? I only need to remove or fill marks on the odd model when 3D print and will only use this once or twice a year at most. Whislt none of the plugins are going to break the bank, I am not going to get much value out of them.

If you want free, just use the Move tool to move the vertices.

What version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile says 2018 Make but that’s impossible.

OK… I have been doing that but just hoped there was something that had basic functionality which could help smooth a surface…

I will have a look at some of the trial versions… Perhaps it might open doors to me to do other things I never concerned and it might be worth investing… Cheers.

There is a very old free one. Sculpt Tools.
Works in the current version as far as I can tell.

Sculpt Tools looks great… Could be exactly what I want.

I have been looking at Artisan and thats really slick… At $29 I may bite, but for now Sculpt Tools could do what I need.


2015 is very old? I use quite often a plugin dated 2005.

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Yep I have some oldies too, but I figured I should say it was old as people see that it hasn’t been updated in 6 years and think it won’t work. Also even back when it was ‘new’ it wasn’t that well known.

You can also try artisan tools, a great plugin for sculpting. One thing to venture into is then understanding the difference between triangular geometry vs. quad geometry, both give somewhat different results when sculpting.


Looks like you mentioned artisan already, yea if you see yourself sculpting or making terrain quite a bit and do this professionally, or even just sculpt a lot, it’s definitely a great plugin. Also as you pointed out, it’s a super affordable price given the results you get from using it.