How can I smooth curved edges

Hi everyone, I recently did some modeling using the plug-in called nz Corset. I found this plug in really usefull, however I wanted to know if there’s a way I can smooth the models to get real curves,using either sketchup native tools or any other plug in. If no, is there a software you’d recomend to do this job? Thanks!
Here’s an example of what I modeled, I want it to be less geometrical.

The plugins Artisan and Subd provides organic modeling.

You can add more vertices to make your model look more smooth, but SketchUp models are always based on (flat) faces and edges. There are no real curves, as this is not a NURBS modeller.

I recently asked a similar question a couple weeks ago. Check out Fredo’s Curvizard and this post: Difficulty drawing a shape - #17 by Box